The SWAWARA is a resort like no other, nestled in the hollow of a beach famous in all India because it has the shape of OM, graphic representation of the primordial sound, omkara, so sacred place that hosts the largest Shivalingam from India and welcomes thousands of pilgrims.

Part of the beach being bordered by the center was able to remain completely wild, thus protected from constructions and other huts that are found elsewhere.







Swimming pool


Comfort was not the only concern of the Dominic brothers when they built this resort 170 km south of Goa. Originating in Kerala, a country of Ayurveda, they wanted to make it not only a Ayurvedic center of quality, but also an inner healing center, in perfect coincidence with the harmony and sacred geography of the place. There are indeed all energies favorable to another perception of things ...

Around the large swimming pool, the restaurant, the library, the singing room (with an incredible acoustic dome), the vaidyasala (health center), and a few cottages are all flourishing. Most of the cottages are aligned south at the edge of two ponds which are in fact reserves of drinking water collected during the rainy season. The cottages are real little houses with indoor garden, open air shower room, large bedroom with fly screens, desk, etc ... lots of space and quiet.

The yoga room is a little further in a specific building that also houses the handicraft room. At another end of the estate (over 20 acres) is a small hill overlooking OM Beach: Meditation Hill. It is a nacelle in an airspace, overlooking the sea where you can hear the waves that punctuate the meditations.

Swaswara, like the other properties of the Dominic brothers, is an unusual place and rare, but particularly magical.