If the above link doesn't work and you use a webmail, thanks to send us the following informations :

    1. The name of the chosen center
    2. Your name and surname
    3. Your residential address, your email address and your telephone number
    4. The duration of the cure
    5. The date of arrival on the spot and the date of return
    6. The main reasons for your cure
    7. The number of people and their respective names

as well as your choices, (remarks):

    1. Accommodation: SINGLE room (one bed), TWIN (two beds), DOUBLE (one large bed)
    2. Program of care (ex: detox, panchakarma, rejuvenation, slimness, destress, etc ...)
    3. Yoga classes (in some cases they are not included)
    4. Airport / center / airport transfers.

The options last 3 days. The confirmation of the reservation is final after the payment of the first installment, which must reach us as soon as possible, otherwise there is de facto cancellation. (reservation and cancellation conditions specific to each center). You will then receive the voucher and the documents concerning your treatment in French, including a French-English medical communication guide, an Ayurvedic dictionary, information about the center, etc. You will also receive by post a book on the subject. Ayurveda and custom labels.


Deadlines: If you do not have an answer from us within 24 hours, it's because your email has unfortunately not reached us; thank you for trying again.

Requests: Unsuccessful requests that have generated more than 30 email exchanges will have to pay a flat fee of 120 Euros, refundable at the time of a subsequent order.